Benefits of AirPack
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Airpack Systems launch their new product catalogue for 2015, showcasing their latest products including the...

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Antalis and AirPack launch new inflatable protective packaging

AirPack bags are distributed flat, which saves up to 90% on storage space, and feature full recyclability u...

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Benefits of AirPack
  • Reduce your damages and returns
  • Lower your storage and shipping costs
  • Go green – our packs are 100% Recyclable
  • Quick and Easy for you to use
  • No mess – unlike polystyrene
  • Variety of shapes and sizes for different uses
  • Re usable by you and your customers*
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Inflatable Air Packaging – FAQ’s

Do I need any special equipment to use AirPacks?
No, any standard 3 pin compressor is all you need.

If you want to use our Black Heat Sealable UV Protective Packs, you will also need a heat sealer.

How long does the air stay in the AirPacks once inflated?
AirPacks typically hold air for at least two years. Although a small amount of pressure maybe lost over this period, this will not be enough to affect the performance of the AirPack.

Do you have a minimum order?
Our minimum quantities start from as little as 25 AirPacks, however our prices become lower if you purchase in boxed and pallet quantities. Please contact us for pricing details.

How quickly can I inflate an AirPack?
Typically between 1-3 seconds.

Can I try before I buy?
Of course, we offer free samples, and trial packs are also available to purchase at heavily subsidised rates.

Are there any weight limits for using AirPacks?
The maximum weight recommended is 5kg.

Are AirPacks Moisture and Humidity Resistant?
Yes they are.

Can I have my company logo printed onto the AirPacks?
Yes, subject to minimum order levels. Please enquire for pricing.

Are AirPacks suitable for use and transportation on Aircraft?

Do AirPacks contain any substances regarding the REACH Conformity?

Are AirPacks Recyclable?
Yes our AirPacks are 100% Recyclable.

What is AirPacks PET Level?
Our clear bags PET level rating is 4 and PET Level 7 for our Black AirPacks.

Are AirPacks compliant with RoHS?

Can you make AirPacks to specific size?
Yes, but as with any manufacturing process there are some limitations – please contact us with your specific requirement.

How do I know which sized AirPack is suitable for our Toner Cartridge Boxes?
Please see our compatibility chart.

How do AirPacks prices compare with Polystyrene and Pulp?
Our pricing is very competitive compared to these alternatives, but the real cost savings are achieved in reducing your damages and returns, along with reducing your storage and shipping costs. Using AirPacks can reduce your warehouse storage space requirements by up to 90%

Can you over inflate AirPacks?
Yes, this is possible without proper care. Please look at our videos for further guidance or read our inflation Instructions.

What are AirPacks made of?
AirPacks are made from a synthetic film of double sided PE and Nylon which is extremely high in strength and doesn’t contain any toxins.

What is different about AirPacks compared to other inflatable bags available?
AirPacks are made from the highest quality materials available and are manufactured using the very latest technology. As a result we believe that AirPacks are of a superior quality to that of our competitors and offer improved reliability.

Our AirPacks are manufactured using an advanced extrusion process compared to our competitors whose process leaves their bags prone to defects and quality issues.

Compare our products side by side and you will be able to see and feel the difference in quality immediately.

What are the main advantages of using AirPacks?
Please see our key advantage and comparison chart pages.

Do you have any videos of AirPacks being inflated?
Yes, please go to our videos page.

Why should I swap from using Polystyrene?
Please see our comparison chart page - but in summary, Polystyrene is bulky and environmentally unfriendly.

Can you supply boxes for us as well?
All our Bottle Packs come supplied with boxes.  All other AirPacks are supplied by themselves, but we can supply boxes if required. Please contact us for further details.

*Can you reuse AirPacks?
All of our clear AirPacks can be re-used, as can our black non-heat sealable AirPacks. The only Airpacks that can’t be used are from our black heat sealable range as once the seal is broken the AirPack cannot be reused.

Do I have to blow up each individual chamber?
No, each AirPack is inflated from a single point and the air then flows through one way valves into the individual chambers.

How can I deflate an AirPack?
It’s simple. Carefully cut through the bag with a pair of scissors, screw the AirPack up and place into your recycling bin.

What happens if an AirPack gets punctured?
Even if one or more air chambers becomes punctured the adjacent chambers remain inflated and your goods remain protected.

Can I order online?
Not currently available, please call our office number to place your order.

Can I pay by credit card?
Yes we use the sage pay system, credit and debit cards are accepted.

Can you send me a sample?
Yes, if you require a sample please telephone us or request one via our contact form.

Do you ship to outside the UK? 
Yes, we distribute throughout Europe.

Environmentally Friendly Protective Packaging for Fragile Items