Benefits of AirPack
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New Product Catalogue

Airpack Systems launch their new product catalogue for 2015, showcasing their latest products including the...

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Antalis and AirPack launch new inflatable protective packaging

AirPack bags are distributed flat, which saves up to 90% on storage space, and feature full recyclability u...

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Benefits of AirPack
  • Reduce your breakages and returns
  • Lower your storage and shipping costs
  • Superior Protection
  • Advanced Multi Chamber Design
  • No mess – unlike polystyrene
  • Variety of shapes and sizes for different uses
  • Re usable by you and your customers*
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Protective Packaging for fragile Electronic Items

Protective Packaging for fragile Electronic Items

Electronic items by their very nature and often expensive and fragile, therefore it is imperative that you select the best possible protective packaging available to dispatch these type of goods.

AirPacks are ideally suited to packing electronic items because their unique design allows the AirPack to mould around the product upon inflation to provide maximum protection. A series of individual inflation chambers also means that even if one of the chambers puncture during transit the adjacent chambers remain inflated and the product is still protected.

AirPacks are also moisture and humidity resistant, as well as being 100% recyclable. For more reasons to use AirPacks please see our Key Advantages page and also look at our Comparison Chart.



Environmentally Friendly Protective Packaging for Fragile Items