Benefits of AirPack
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Airpack Systems attends Packaging Innovations London for the first time! All of our team are excited to b...

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Benefits of AirPack
  • Reduce your damages and returns
  • Lower your storage and shipping costs
  • Superior Protection
  • Advanced Multi Chamber Design
  • No mess – unlike polystyrene
  • Variety of shapes and sizes for different uses
  • Re usable by you and your customers*
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Glass Bottle Packaging

Glass Bottle Packaging

Glass Bottles are amongst the most fragile items you can send out in the post, which is why you should be using inflatable protective packaging from AirPack Systems.

By using AirPacks to dispatch your bottled goods, such as wine, spirits, champagnes, oils, perfumes and beers you could significantly reduce your number of breakages and returns - freeing up your valuable time and keeping your customers happy!

Reducing breakages is just one of many reasons to use Airpacks. For instance, you will be able to make further cost savings using AirPacks as they only take up a small fraction of the storage space required by other alternative packaging materials such as polystyrene – and they’re also 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly too.

Our Glass Bottle Packs are available for single bottles, twin bottles, treble bottles, six bottles and twelve bottles. Each Glass Bottle AirPack consists of an AirPack(s) and an outer cardboard box.



Bottle Specifications

Single Bottle Pack
Double Bottle Pack
Treble Bottle Pack
Six Bottle Pack
Twelve Bottle Pack
Single Bottle Carry Pack

Environmentally Friendly Protective Packaging for Fragile Items